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Wanner, Bogumil, Shtrykov, Gurchiani, 2023


Wanner, Bogumil, Shtrykov, Gurchiani, 2023.jpeg

"A Gallery of Ghosts: Death and Burial in Lands Marked by Trauma"

Gurchiani, 2023



“Nested Liminalities”: Death, Migration and Pandemic among Georgians in Russia‪."

Wanner, 2022

4 October, 2022

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"Everyday Religiosity and The Politics of Belonging in Ukraine"

Vagramenko, 2022

1 October, 2022

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KGB Photography Experimentation: Turning Religion into Organized Crime

Lassin, 2022



This article is part of our "Russia/Ukraine: Law and Religion Perspectives" series.

Darieva and Kormina, 2023



"Religious activism in Eastern Europe and beyond."

Schmoller, 2022


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""A Place of One's Own: Pilgrimage and the Reinterpretation of Culture in Russia's Ural Region"

Gurchiani, 2022

1 October, 2022

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"Hidden Power of Trees, In Covert Resistance n Democratic Societies"

Vagramenko, 2022

31 August, 2022


The Image of the Enemy: the True Orthodox Church in the Photographs of the Soviet Secret Police.

Kalenychenko, 2022


"Responding to the Russian Invasion From the Grassroots:

An overview of conflict response practices by the Ukrainian civil society from February 24th to May 31st, 2022."

Vagramenko, 2021


KGB "Evangelism": Agents and Jehovah's Witnesses in Ukraine

Darieva, 2021


"Special Issue - Urban Religious Pluralization: Challenges and Opportunities in the Post-Soviet South Caucasus"

Yelenskyi, 2021


"Then What Are We Fighting For": Securitizing Religion in the Ukrainian-Russian Conflict

Panchenko, 2021

Capture (4).png

The Moral Economies of Sacrifice and Sacrilege in Russian Agrarian Culture 

Gurchiani, 2021

Capture (6).png

Baptizing into Kin: Religion and Peace in a Multi-Ethnic Village in Georgia

Marchenko, 2021

Capture (5).png

Representation of "Fractured Memory Regime" in the Context of Hasidic Pilgrimages to Uman

Yurchuk, 2021

noroot (2).png

Issues in the History and Memory of the OUN.  Part IV

Wanner, 2020

comparative_studies in society and history.jpg

An Affective Atmosphere of Religiosity: Animated Places, Public Spaces, and the Politics of Attachment in Ukraine and Beyond

Tocheva, 2020

pexels-shvets-produc (1).jpg

Vernacular Entanglements: Islam and Communism in a Bulgarian Village

Yurchuk, 2020

noroot (3).png

Historians as Activists: History-Writing in Times of War.  The Case of Ukraine in 2014-18

Gurchiani, 2022


"Rivers Between Nature, Infrastructure, and Religion"

Laruelle, Schmoller, 2021


"Cultures of Islam: Vernacular Traditions and Revisionist Interpretations Across Russia"

Gurchiani, 2021


"Women and the Georgian Orthodox Church"

in Women and Religiosity in Orthodox Christianity

Agadjanian, 2021


Understanding World Christianity: Russia

Marchenko, 2021


Do All Roads Lead to Uman?  The Hasidic Pilgrimage During the Pandemic Times

Martinez, Di Puppo, Frederiksen, 2021


Peripheral Methodologies: Unlearning, Not-Knowing and Ethnographic Limits

Wanner, 2021

Final-cover-EMOTIONS (1).jpg

Empathic Care and Healing the Wounds of War in Ukraine

Buyskykh, 2020

pexels-yaroslav-shur (1).jpg

Off the Record: How Anthropologists can Learn from the Silences in Ukraine and Poland

Tocheva, 2020


This is our Professional Feast: Religious Exopraxis and Work Identity in the Rhodope Mountains of Bulgaria

Henig, 2020


Remaking Muslim Lives: Everyday Islam in Postwar Bosnia and Herzegovina

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